Learning Buteyko

Learning Buteyko is a great personal investment,I offer one to one sessions for individuals or you can share the experience and come with a friend or as a group.

A session costs £40, payable by cheque, cash or BACS

48 hours notice of cancellation is required, less than 24 hours will incur a cancellation fee.

During the course you will be guided through a range of breathing techniques that will help you reduce your symptoms and use of medication. Most people come once a week for five weeks.

Stress and emotion can be a trigger for bringing on asthma and panic attacks and so relaxation techniques are also looked at. As with learning anything new an initial commitment from you to practise the techniques daily is highly recommended. I encourage my students to practise for 15 -20 minutes three times every day during the length of my courses which tend to run for 5 weeks. I also suggest a minimum of five hours of face to face tuition is received.

If you suffer with severe asthma or other problems I suggest you practise four or five times each day or for several months to see the benefit of the techniques. You may also find more face to face tuition will aid your practise.

The majority of those that follow the programme will see an improvement in their condition. Asthmatics report a reductions in attacks, use of medication and less wheezing, coughing and breathlessness. Those who have panic attacks and have COPD often find they are able to control the symptoms better.

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