Funeral Celebrant

Saying farewell to a loved one in a loving and meaningful way is very important.  I will help and support you create a fitting and meaningful ceremony for the person who has died. Together we will plan and create a ceremony that reflects theirs and your wishes and preferences. Favourite music, readings, poems, tributes, memories, live music can all be incorporated.

Many people wish to have an element of spirituality without the traditional liturgy. If you wish I can help you create a funeral which includes some religious or spiritual elements such as hymns or prayers or we can create one that is totally non-religious, humanistic.

Some people prefer to plan their funerals in advance and I am willing to visit you and help you with this if you wish.

Planning a Funeral

Some elements of a funeral are very practical, while the funeral service itself is an opportunity to honour someone’s life, their values and beliefs. It can be an occasion for grieving, thanksgiving, reflection, celebrating someone’s life and many other things.

With many things to think about and organise, a good funeral celebrant will support you however you wish. They will take into account the role you and your family want to play in planning the funeral service and also be able to advise on the schedule and timings.

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Readings & Music

You can include some poems in the service or a piece of prose that is significant to the person who has died. However some people prefer not to have any readings. You can find lots of poems on the internet.

As for the music I suggest you choose music that the person who died liked listening to or music you like.
You need a piece of music to come in to and music for when you leave.  I normally suggest the leaving music is uplifting.
Some people like to have a time to reflect on their memories of the person who has died and it’s nice to have some music during this time.

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