Learning Reiki

Reiki can be easily learnt and practiced by anyone who is interested, regardless of the person’s age or state of health. I offer classes on a one to one basis, for those who prefer to learn on their own, or small groups of up to 4 people all from my home in Bristol.


Reiki I classes cost £150 with a non-refundable deposit of £50.

Reiki II classes cost £350 with a non-refundable deposit of £50.

Reiki I

The system passed down to us today by Dr Usui’s successors is extremely simple and can be learnt by anyone.

A Reiki I class consists of four sessions, over two to four days, during which there are four initiations, which attune you to the Reiki energy. During the class you will learn how to treat yourself, give a treatment to someone else and learn about the origins of Reiki. You will also learn about the wider application of the energy and its possible transformational effects. There will be time to practise giving yourself and others Reiki treatments.

Classes are small and friendly and are held during the week as well as at weekends. I offer the opportunity for you to learn on a one to one basis, at no extra charge.

Cost £150. (Non-refundable deposit of £50 required)

Reiki II

If you feel you want to connect with Reiki on a deeper level and want to have the opportunity to work with the energy in different ways, then you may want to consider taking Reiki II. I advise students to wait a minimum of 6 months to a year after doing Reiki I before commencing with this course. In Second Degree Reiki you learn about the symbols that Dr Usui received on Mount Kurama. You will learn how to use Reiki to create, heal and manifest things in your own life, as well as learning how to send a Reiki treatment over distance.

Cost £350. (Non-returnable deposit of £50 required)

Reiki II Classes are usually taught on a one to one basis.

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